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2017 Bad Boy 6' Bad Boy Cutter


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White River Powersports
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Bad Boy
6' Bad Boy Cutter



We're Putting A New Spin On A Winning Formula

We've built our entire reputation on the strength of our mowers and cutting decks.

Now we've brought our legendary build quality and reputation for virtually over-building our equipment to the rotary cutter market, delivering the best value in the industry by making it the perfect match for your hard work - and your tractor.

Engineered To Be Stronger At Every Point.

Point-for-point, weld-for-weld, compare the all-new Bad Boy Mowers Rotary Cutter to any other in the single drive five-foot or six-foot market and you’ll probably not only be surprised by the specs, but by the price as well.

  • Unique "H" Frame All-Welded Steel Backbone: Heavy-gague steel frames are notched and welded at intersection points and to the top deck itself, creating unyielding strength and unbending durability for years of rugged use. The thicker steel sides are rolled to retain strength (not stamped) and welded along both top and bottom edges for maximum support and rigidity.
  • Thicker Front Skid Plates: The front line of abuse, our skid plates, are made of heavier gauge steel than all others in this class and fully welded along the edge and built to absorb years of jarring abuse.
  • Geared For Speed: The 50HP or 75HP heavy-duty Omni gearbox drives the blade tip at ripping fast speeds, the fastest you'll find anywhere! Available with slip or pin clutch.
  • Single Pin Height Adjustment: Built to better withstand the weight of the tractor when clearing through troughs and dips, the heavy-gauge 2" x 2" steel tube rear wheel arm is also the heaviest-duty in this class of rotary cutter.
  • On-The-Go-Know: Instruction and parts manual is handy where ever you go for those times when you need to know.
  • Store Smarter: Rear tail wheel is easily positioned to save room for storing during off-season months.
  • Gear Box: 75 hp Heavy Duty Omni RC61
  • Gear Box Mount: 3/8" Steel; Completely Surrounded By Interlocking 'H' Supports
  • Deck Thickness: 11 Gauge Welded
  • Skirt Thickness: 3/16" Steel
  • Under-decking Support: 1/4" x 6 1/2"
  • Skid Shoes: 1/2" x 2" x 32" (24" Of Ground Contact)
  • Deck Support: Vertical Interlocking Solid Welded, Interlocking 'H' Frame
  • Lift Attachment Brackets: 1/2" Solid Welded
  • Tail Wheel Arms: 2" x 2", Steel Tube Designed To Withstand Rear Tractor Wheel Lift Off
  • Tail Wheel: 4" x 15" Puncture Resistant Bearing Style
  • Stump Jumper: Reinforced Round with Heavy Duty 15 Spline
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited
  • Weight: 800 Lbs
  • Length (Including Tailwheel): 115"
  • Total Width: 76"
  • Overall Height: 40"
  • Deck Height: 7"
  • Cut Range: 2"– 10"
  • PTO Drive Shaft: Series 6 Slip Clutch
  • Blades: 1/2" x 3"
  • Tractor Range: 30-85 Hp
  • Cutting Capacity: 2" Diameter
  • Blade Tip Speed: 14,600 Feet/Minute



Working Width
6 ft.
76 in.
115 in.
800 lb.
Recommended HP
30-85 hp

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